Monday, December 8, 2008

Titan Thoughts

Sorry for no Titan Thoughts last week. I only caught the first part of the game, then headed out to enjoy Turkey Day with friends.

This week, we had another "easy" win in the Cleveland Browns. We did win, but there are a few things concerning me about my beloved Titans.

One, we start out slow. That's OK when you're playing teams who are not on your level. You know your defense will kick it up a notch and everything will settle in. Come playoff time, all the teams will be at our level. We might not be able to survive a slow start.

Second, penalties. We were ate up with them yesterday. Some were BS calls, of course, but all in all, we were sloppy. That's something else we need to avoid in the playoffs. Giving your opponent free yards and first downs is never a good thing, and it's downright deadly in a playoff game.

Third, Chris Johnson's showboating. Chris, the next time you're running in for a touchdown, have the ball in the hand closest to the sideline. That way it'll be easier to resist the urge to hold the ball out to the defender who is trying to tackle you.

All I have to say on this is Don Beebe, Leon Lett. If that's a little too old school for ya, then how about DeSean Jackson? You celebrate too early, sometimes you wind up looking like a moron.

We've secured a playoff spot with a first round bye. Hopefully we can use the rest of these games to work on things that aren't going so well right now, get our folks healthy, and get to the business of winning a Super Bowl.

* Funny thing is, Wikipedia says it was actually Steve Tasker in a Beebe jersey that ran Leon down and slapped the ball from his hands.

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