Monday, December 22, 2008

Response From State Senator Mark Norris

Via email (emphasis mine):

The Department of Safety recently issued new forms to document students enrolled in handgun safety school. As originally issued, these forms improperly required information regarding the make of the gun, handgun serial number, and ownership of the gun. This was inappropriate.

As a result of prompt public outcry, the Department quickly realized the error of its ways. The Department of Safety issued a formal statement today, which is attached, acknowledging the error. Commissioner Mitchell stated, “There was no intent by the Department of Safety to create any sort of gun registry.”

Affording responsible gun owners their privacy and protecting Second Amendment rights remains foremost in my mind. Earlier this year, I sponsored legislation that would make information contained in handgun carry permit applications and renewals, information provided to agencies to investigate applicants, and records maintained relative to the permit applications, confidential and would create a Class E felony of unauthorized publication of permit information or records.

Thank you very much for voicing your concern and helping to correct this error.


Mark Norris
Senate Majority Leader

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