Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Message from the Patriot Guard Riders Board of Directors

The Board of Directors would like to take a moment to thank all Patriot Guard Riders and their families for their support and dedication to our mission. We are all aware of the gift of time, vacation, family events missed, and expenses that each member donates to escort our fallen heroes. I ask that you each take a moment over the holidays and visit our Letters Pages, and read the words of family members about what you have done for them.

Times are tough, but we continue to make a difference that lasts. The mission is being accomplished every day of the year because the membership won’t fail our Heroes and their families. As an organization, we do continue to face challenges in the coming year, but at the same time; I believe we will grow stronger. I see efforts coming forward to improve communications and develop advisory committees to help meet the needs for the growth we have had over the past three years.

We truly hope that each member will be able to spend their holidays with their own family and loved ones and thank them for understanding the time they have given so that we may stand the flag line. The National Staff and Board of Directors respectfully wish you all the best over the holidays.

Bill “Whirlwind”
Richart Donnie “Reaps” Snyder
Gary “garycolumbia” Everett
Tom “Taz” Hoffmann
Pete “dynagc”

Waddell Legal Defense Fund (LDF) Update:

Fellow Patriots,

Especially during the holidays, everyone is feeling the pinch of this economic downturn, and these effects are also being felt by the PGR. Because membership to the Patriot Guard is free – and we will not change that - we rely solely on donations and profits from all of you buying your PGR gear from our store to cover our operating expenses. These expenses cover our e-mail servers and associated utilities that help us keep the website – the backbone of our mission coordination and communications – up and running. Because of the legal case over the PGR trademark, much of our funds are going toward legal fees, due to the lack of response to our plea for assistance in this area.

The members who have donated thus far come from many different backgrounds, but all have a belief in what we are doing, and want to help out in any way they can. Some have just made donations of flat amounts; but we have also had some odd donations and the member’s explanation of the odd amounts. One member donated $32.56 – the amount of his weekly cigarette habit. Another sent us 47.25 – what she spent on breakfast at the bagel shop on her way to work every week. There are many different stories that came to us on how members came to their donation, but all felt it worthwhile that we keep doing what we do for the families of the fallen, our troops home and abroad.

I know that when you think of charitable giving, that names like; The Red Cross or The United Way often come to mind, but also consider the Patriot Guard when you are planning what charities you are going to give to this coming year. Your support will not only be appreciated by us, but by all of the troops and the families that we assist every day.

Patriot Guard Riders, Inc is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a full Charitable Organization (501c3) and any and all donations to it are tax deductible.

In order to make a donation please go to www.patriotguard.org. The donation button is contained in a box titled Defense Fund located on the left side of the home page.

Background info can be found at this link. Please log into the website to view it.



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