Friday, September 26, 2008

The NRA - Obama Ad

Ya know, everyone should be posting this ad up. It's the American way!:

UPDATE: Xrlq has the text of the letter sent to the various stations facing Gulag, and trears it apart.

Now, I want to talk about some of the comments on this video, over at U-Tube:

Commenter kcflood says:

this was the biggest piece of shit add [sic] i've[sic] ever seen. Who made this, a 2 year old? these people are clueless.
Am I supposed to add [sic] to improper capitalization as well? Hey, "kc", when saying something is juvenile and clueless, at least start your sentences with capital letters.

Commenter SpitfireOFatj says:

The only "gun grab" that's been done in this country has been under Bush during Katrina.
Interesting. For that to be true, please point out to me the gun grabs conducted in Mississippi and anywhere other than Democrat - controlled Louisiana. Those grabs were conducted on the orders of NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin.

Elb007 gets right to the point:

let's stop the spread of ignorance.... flag this piece of shit.
Spoken like a true Obama supporter. Stifle free speech when it doesn't say what we like.

c4mouse expands on the above comment:

Get your facts straight retards ...

GOD your[sic] so propaganda bullshit [where does the sic go in this part?] ...

Please flag this its[sic] wrong ...

LOOK I didnt[sic] even hear Mccain[sic] say he approved this pos

Get your facts straight, cupcake, McCain didn't run the ad, the NRA did.

These folks are fun to read, but I sometime fear for the youth of our country.

As for me, I need to brush up on the use of sic.

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West, By God said...

What I find more amusing than learning-disabled 13-year-olds on YouTube is the fact that everyone, including the Obama campaign, is falling over themselves to try and say "no, we believe in the Second Amendment."

Notice the Violence Policy Center isn't responding to these ads? I wonder why that is.