Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Football Blogging

Well, there is little joy in Titans land today. Last night's game wasn't what fans had hoped for.

Vince was off, his receivers were off, and the "D" wasn't defending the pass very well.

On the upside, the run D was good, as was our running backs.

But, as Jimmy reminds us:

Preseason 101: Never get too excited or too disappointed because of the performance in one preseason game.
Exactly. Some folks would look at the final score and thing "Good, the Titans won.", but that's not what preseason is all about.

It's about seeing where your players are, what strengths to notice and what weaknesses to work on.

After last night, we have a lot of work still to do.

I still think we're a better team than last year.. This season will be interesting.


Brandon said...

Ingle Martin looked great in that final, fourth-quarter drive to win. VY, on the other hand, well....

Let's just say I ain't putting the blame all on the receivers. Vince needs to step up and complete some passes. I'm beginning to think that the possibility exists that he's just not cut out for the NFL, but, God, I hope I'm wrong.

Rustmeister said...

I'm giving him one more season before I give "VY is a bust" any serious consideration, but I understand all too well where you're coming from.

Brandon said...

I keep clinging to the hope that this year will be Vince's breakout season. :-)