Monday, August 18, 2008

Quote of the Day

The QTOD comes from Mr. Paul Kuharsky, writing for ESPN (emphasis mine):

Much was made of the Titans' failure to upgrade the receiving corps in any major way, though it's hard to pinpoint the game-changer the team missed in free agency or the first round of the draft.

That's because there wasn't one.

I was one of the few hoping Chad Johnson would win his freedom from the Bengals.


Brandon said...

Pfft. ESPN dude needs to go write obits or something, if that's the best analysis he can offer. It wouldn't matter if there were some "game-changer" available, because the Titans wouldn't have bothered.

Evidently, someone in the Titans front office thinks you don't need a solid passing game to win in the NFL. This may be true to some degree. You can win games on the ground, and even squeeze into the playoffs, thanks to Wild Card berths. But you're not going to win The Game with running backs and a running quarterback as your only offensive threats.

Rustmeister said...


I'm hoping McCareins picks up his game a bit.

But, at this point in VY's development, a true #1 reciever would be almost a waste.