Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now is the Time!

So, the Para Pals are all deep into their meeting with their benefactors.

Little do they know that when they return, I will have single handedly taken over the world gun blogosphere!

My plan is beautiful in its simplicity. I'm going to make it unnecessary for you, the gun blog reader, to go to all these different sites. Just come here, and your gun bloggy fix will be satisfied.

Want to read Joe or Tam? No need, as I've established The View From the South West Tennessee Porch. How cool is that? Two for one! Value, that's what I'm talking about.

Say Uncle? Naah, just Say Rusty! Sharp as a Marble? Puh-leeze. Marbles aren't sharp. But, they are Rusty! Hah! All your Marine training didn't prepare you for this now, did it?

Does Dave Hardy think he can escape? No way, as there's nothing better than Of Arms and the Rusty. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Now, some of you managed to foil my plans by making it impossible to copy your title banners. Ahab, I have a Great White Whale on speed dial, he'll be waiting for you. When you least expect it, expect it.

JR, Sebastian, Kevin - I haven't yet decided what to do with you guys. Besides, A Rusty and a .45 sounds dumb, as does Rusty in Hell and The Smallest Rusty. You three are safe - for now.

Armed Citizen, The Duck, I'm letting you off the hook - this time, although Rusty Truth and The Maddened Rusty does sound cool. I've not met you (I don't think), so I don't know what you look like. Can't very well spring a nefarious plan on someone if you don't know what they look like now, can you?

As for "Mister Lucky" Don Gwinn. I do know what you look like, but the hat is too cool. I can't mess with anyone wearing a hat like that. Rock on, dude.

So, enjoy your time with Para, bloggers. When you return, it will be to a barren wasteland you once called the gun blogosphere!

Moo ha ha.


davidwhitewolf said...

I, for one, welcome our new Lord and Master of the gun blogosphere.

But I can only say that because the owner of Random Nuclear Strikes is off in Montana for another week or so, and I'm just keeping the blog warm in his absence.

elliot said...


I thought you WERE the only gun blogger.

Rustmeister said...

Ah, David, you shall hold a place of importance in the new blog order.

Elliot, I am. Trust me.

Bitter said...

Just to ease your mind, you did not meet Maddened Fowl. He only came one day, didn't attend bash events, and didn't stop into the press office. You might have met Greg since he did get his credentials and attended a couple of the Bash events.

davidwhitewolf said...

Reminds me of the classic poll of students hanging out in Berkeley's Sproul Plaza:

Q: Will you follow me and do my evil bidding?

Best answer: Will I have great power?

Thirdpower said...

Howabout the "Rusty Minority"? A " Keyboard and a Rusty .45? "Rustyflakes in Hell"?

Rustmeister said...

Thanks, Bitter.

Dave, great power is what it's all about.

Third, can I put you in charge of renaming blogs?

jed said...

Huh. Whose title banner's can't you copy? All you gotta do is view the HTML source, and maybe read a little CSS.

Make a list. I'm sure I can get 'em all. Hell, worst case is screen captures.

Rustmeister said...

I did most of it at work so a lot of that I couldn't do.

However, now that you mention it, I can do captures and stuff here.

I'm making you overlord of HTML.

Rustmeister said...

As far as the list goes, I just need Snowflakes and Ahab.

I can fake the rest. =)

armed_citizen said...


Is that you?


jed said...

Comin' at'cha.

Check yer email.

Rustmeister said...


Kate said...

Not lettin' your weapons rust, eh?

I guess I missed something. LOL

Don Gwinn said...

You're a wise man, Rust. A man's gotta know his limitations.

Rustmeister said...



Thirdpower said...

"Third, can I put you in charge of renaming blogs?"

I accept the honor.