Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lightweight Small Arms Technologies program (LSAT)

I was checking the latest issue of Americna Rifleman, and ran across this article on a weapons system designed for plastic cased, and ultimately caseless, ammunition.

It's an interesting read. I hadn't realized how far we'd come in the quest for caseless ammunition, having heard of it back in the 90's. (emphasis mine)

It’s real and right now: a dramatically different squad automatic weapon (SAW) that fires radically new ammunition. And this combination is half the combat weight of the M249, the current SAW.

Half the weight? Man, I know a lot of SAW gunners (and old 60 gunners) who would love to give this a try.



aepilot_jim said...

I always thought that caseless ammo meant those ol' muskets. They had caseless ammo for centuries before they started wrapping them in paper. Or am I wrong?

Mike W. said...

Thanks Rusty. Every time I see the acronym LSAT I want to pull my hair out!

Rustmeister said...

No, Jim, you are correct.

That's why we've been trying to get back to that since the advent of modern firearms.

What's up, Mike? Law school? =)