Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun With Headlines

Well, not actually the headline in this case:

Fraser Named In Gun Lawsuit

Actor BRENDAN FRASER has been named in a lawsuit after allegedly firing off a machine gun at a firing range in California.
Sounds pretty bad, don't it? Well, it's not. No class III laws were broken (as far as I can tell), but this is why he's facing a lawsuit:
The Mummy star was reportedly invited to Andrews International Training Center in Burbank last year (Jul07), where the manager allowed him to fire rounds of leaded ammunition, despite it being a violation of city ordinance.

Emphasis mine, along with a WTF moment. Leaded ammunition? They require unleaded in Burbank these days? No wonder Johnny Carson always made fun of them.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles County's Superior Court on Tuesday (12Aug08), two former employees accuse their former boss at the range of wrongfully terminating their employment after reporting the incident.

The pair complain they were asked to leave after voicing their complaints to the city's fire department.

I'd have fired your asses too.

That's what you get for hiring wussies to work at a range.


Duane said...

Remember, this is the PRK you are talking about. Arnold signed this one last month apparently.


Brigid said...

"machine gun". . probably a small semi auto. Oh I forgot.. according to the folks in DC my nifty little P220 is a MACHINE GUN.

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, ain't that something?