Monday, August 11, 2008

CMP Update

Via email (emphasis mine):


CMP WEBSITE: The CMP sales related web pages are transitioning to a new format over the next few days. Old bookmarks may have to be deleted and new bookmarks set. We appreciate your patience and support during this transition period.

CMP STORE SCHEDULES: CMP stores will be closed during Thanksgiving week
(19-21 Nov), Christmas week (24-26 Dec) and New Year week (31 Dec- 2 Jan).

CALIBER .30 CARBINE AMMUNITION: CMP now has in stock Aguila caliber .30 carbine ammunition in 500 rd cartons. Item number 438A. Price is $155 per carton plus $8.95 S&H per case. See "commercial ammo" on

CRITERION GARAND BARRELS: CMP now has a steady supply and a large inventory of .30-06 M1 Garand barrels. Item 065CRI/M1. Price is $179.95 plus $9.95 S&H per barrel. See "Barrels" on

KRAG RIFLES AVAILABLE FOR MAIL ORDER. CMP has accumulated a few hundred more KRAG rifles (poor condition). Because of the number now available, mail orders are being accepted. For description and prices, please see

MOSSBERG M44 RIFLES NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: CMP has acquired over 2,000 Mossberg M44 rifles. These are now available for purchase. Please see

LAKE CITY .30-06. CMP now has a large quantity of Lake City M2 Ball ammunition. This is delinked machine gun ammo. NLU 405-CN - 250 rounds.
Bullet may attract magnet. Boxer primed. Non-corrosive. Packaged loose in standard military issue .30 cal ammo can. Mixed headstamps (years) per can.
It was mixed in the links and delinked and repackaged for the CMP by the US Army. Price is $70 per can. Shipping & Handling per can $10.80. S&H to Alaska or Hawaii $20.66 per can.

LATEST CMP SALES NEWS: This email is a broadcast email generated by an automated system. Please do not reply to this email address as you will not receive a response.

Thank you for your support of the CMP.


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