Friday, August 22, 2008

Bryan Miller, Telling the "Truth"

Spies and lies - How the NRA rolls (vol 1)

Having faced the opposition of the National Rifle Association to Ceasefire NJ's campaigns to reduce gun violence for over a decade, I've come to know the NRA and its ways all too well. I've been frustrated, at times, by the attitude of many non-NRA folks, who believe the NRA is an honest citizens' lobby, acting with good will and intent. Such mistaken beliefs make the NRA's job - protecting the sales and profits of the gun industry - far easier than the truth.
I'm sure the all-powerful gun lobby of 1871 cooked up the whole thing, Bryan. It had nothing to do with the end of the Civil War and the realization that many men couldn't shoot very well.

Of course, reading the next paragraph in his story (which is what it is, a story), you'd think he'd qualify that statement, wouldn't you?


He just launches into the Mary McFate thing, pissing and moaning about how underhanded the NRA is.

Rather than address it, I'll let Thirdpower (who is on a roll with this) tell it for me:

"Those of us working to make America's homes, schools and communities safer from gun violence are not a secretive lot."

Except when you use hidden cameras to secretly film gun shows, create false flag organizations to trick firearm owners into supporting gun bans, put gun control legislation into bills under different names, and intentionally misrepresent firearm capabilities and statistics.
That's what you call a link filled face beating, Bryan. But I'm sure you're used to that by now.

Here's something that almost made me laugh:
To Mary and her backers I say: Shame on you. Shame for placing the profits of the gun industry above the bereavement of her former friends and colleagues.
To which Sebastian replies:
No, this is about preserving our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Damn skippy.

This statement is laughable:
But, her broad and deep insinuation into our movement certainly made McFate/Sapone privy to our legislative strategies, messaging plans and ideas, even legal documentation critical to a US Supreme Court case, and more.
I hate to break it to you, Bryan, but we don't need a spy to figure out what "messaging plans" your kind have. It's all the same: Appeal to emotion, misrepresent the facts, obfuscate and lie.

Not that hard to keep up with, really.



DirtCrashr said...

Bryan's a socialist, and resorting to cheap Marxist dogma about evil "sales and profits" is all that's left to argue about. He's about 7 watts bright.

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, I was gonna mention that "greed" was about all he could come up with.

He keeps trotting out that victim card, and someone's gonna tear it up in his face.