Friday, August 22, 2008

Amethyst Initiative

From Lew, we get word of the Amethyst Initiative:

I just sent the following letter to the president of my undergraduate alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College, urging him to sign the Amethyst Initiative. The Initiative seeks to encourage a national debate on the legal drinking age. As I note in my letter, signing the Initiative does not commit a president to supporting a lower drinking age; it says that they support open debate on the issue. In turn, I urge you to send a similar letter/e-mail to the president of your alma mater; if they've already signed, send them a note of support, because MADD is evidently starting up a campaign to deluge them and their boards with negative mail. This is important.
(emphasis original)

I do believe this is important. MADD is the drinkers version of the Brady bunch. They claim to want to end drunk driving, when what they really want is total prohibition of alcohol.

Just another bunch of control freaks.


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tjbbpgob said...

Drunks Against Mad Mothers, (D.A.M.M.), is an organization started just for musicians but could be opened to almost everyone. The premise is that when I am getting off work at 3 or 4 in the morning your kids don't need to be out playing in the streets.