Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sorry, Instapundit, Tam Beat Ya

Funny thing, yesterday. I was puttering along, nothing special going on, and I notice my Sitemeter advancing faster than usual.

Come to find out that Instapundit had linked to a piece Uncle did, which linked to me, which caused what I would consider an Instalanche-once-removed, or something.

I was wondering how this was gonna play out, seeing as Insty is the grand poobah of linkery. Even though it wasn't a direct 'Lanche, it was providing some good numbers, although they started to wane in the later hours.

It got me thinking, I hadn't paid respect* to Tam for her Tamalanche back after the Blog Bash. I don't know why it fell off the scope, she definitely deserves it.

I decided to do a little comparison using Google Analytics. Check this out:

Tam, linking my ugly pistols - 376 (82% new) unique visitors.

Insty, via Uncle, (linked above) linking my Sugarmann post - 135 (91% new) unique visitors.

So, if I'm doing my math correctly**,

Tam sent 308 new readers to my site. Insty, 123. Tam wins!

Sorry, Glenn, you'll have to try harder next time.

* I feel really bad about not mentioning this before. I plan on making it up by buying her mass quantities of hoppy ale next time I see her.

** Note to stats geeks, I realize this might not be an exact count, but it's close enough for a non-stats geek.

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