Monday, July 14, 2008

Quote of the Day

This comes from Shammy:

“Assault weapon” is an invented term. In the firearm lexicon, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon”. The closest relative is the “assault rifle”, which is a machine gun or “select fire” rifle that fires rifle cartridges. In most cases, “assault weapons” are functionally identical to hunting rifles, though cosmetically similar to military guns.
Clear and concise, the way it should be.



Mike W. said...

Of course none of that matters to the idiots who think they're "icky" and the politicians who want to ban them.

You can beat them over the head with it and they still scream "but assault weapons are dangerous"

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, but that doesn't mean we stop the beatings. =)

Mike W. said...

Maybe I'm evil, but I like doing it and watching the PSH ensue. I only wish they weren't so predictable. It takes a lot of the fun out of it.

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, it's like they use a flow chart or something.