Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Naifeh Lied?

According to the Tennessee Republican Party, Jimmy "No Guns in Bars" Naifeh lied about having a carry permit:

NASHVILLE, TN - Public records show that Tennessee House Speaker JimmyNaifeh lied in order to give himself political cover for his attack gun rights legislation during the last legislative session.

On April 11, nine days after he used parliamentary tricks to kill two pieces of legislation designed to enhance Tennesseans’ gun rights and the privacy of gun permit records, Naifeh claimed he was a friend of gun owners, and stated he was one of more than 190,000 Tennesseans who had a “concealed-weapons permit.” But public records show that Naifeh did not even apply for a handgun carry permit until three weeks later.

Shocking, I know.


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