Friday, July 18, 2008

DC Rep Lets Her True Feelings Show

Even though the Supreme Court says you can, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton tells D.C. Residents: Don’t Buy a Gun!

However, added to gun killings typical of big cities today, there is likely to be an increase in homicides that would have been prevented if there were no guns in homes.
Really? Well, I'm sure it won't take long for that to start happening. Just like your kind said about handgun carry and expired "assault weapons" bans. Blood in the streets! Wild West! The Children! It hasn't happened so far, and I suspect it won't happen there, either.

Therefore, I have challenged my own constituents, the great majority of whom strongly favored the D.C. gun ban, not to buy a gun.

That's right, she wants you to keep your trust in the city's police force. It's their job to protect you, right?

The data reported for decades could not be more definitive: guns are seldom used to deter criminals (most thugs prefer empty premises).
This might take place in the land of unicorns and faeries, but in the real world, thugs don't care. As long as they can identify an easy mark, occupancy has little bearing on their actions.

Overwhelmingly, guns in homes are used during violence among relatives and friends, for suicides, and in accidents.
I think a quick look here would prove otherwise.

In big cities, guns in homes do not stay in homes. They make their way to the streets.
On their own two legs, with no help from the criminal element. More unicorns.

The court has spoken and the city has acted. It’s the turn of residents to act now. If they meant what they said, that it was our gun ban and we needed it, then residents won’t buy into the gun culture by buying a gun.
Instead, they will buy into the culture of perpetual victimhood, where it always happens to somebody else, and the cops are seconds minutes away.

Good god, people. How can you vote for someone like that?


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