Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Purpose of Public Education

Via Jed, John Stossel (the only MSM guy with any sense whatsoever), spells it out:

The cat is finally out of the bag. A California appellate court, ruling that parents have no constitutional right to homeschool their children, pinned its decision on this ominous quotation from a 47-year-old case, "A primary purpose of the educational system is to train schoolchildren in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare."

There you have it; a primary purpose of government schools is to train schoolchildren "in loyalty to the state." Somehow that protects "the public welfare" more than allowing parents to homeschool their children, even though homeschooled kids routinely outperform government-schooled kids academically. In 2006, homeschooled students had an average ACT composite score of 22.4. The national average was 21.1.

Emphasis mine, as there's not much more that needs to be said.

This is one of my biggest problems with being a single parent, there's no real way I can homeschool.

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