Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Carblogging - Hot Rods

Here's the first of two, maybe three presentations of the American Hot Rod; customized cars limited only by the builders imagination.

Unfortunately, I pulled these off a slideshow e-mailed to me and have no information on them whatsoever, so, I'll SWAG* it.

Most of these originally started out as late 30's or early 40's cars. Zooming in on the sigen tells us this was once a 1937 Three Window Coupe. A nice car normally, this one's had extensive work done:

Panel Delivery:

This one's an early '30's model:

This one's my favorite, although looking at that engine makes my gas budget cringe:


* Scientific Wild Assed Guess.

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wheelsandrubber said...

Great cars, love the panel delivery.