Monday, March 17, 2008

My Favorite Aussie - Last Post

Looks like he's taken his toys and gone home. Same link as below, he doesn't rate another.

the gunlovers surge around the comments box hitting the ‘Submit’ button, oblivious to the rather obvious fact that their carefully-compiled wisdom (no doubt written with tongue poking cutely out of the corner of the mouth while they consulted a dictionary) will simply disappear into cyberspace, never to appear online again.
In true leftist fashion, all dissenting opinions are "disappeared". They can be found in a cyber-gulag somewhere, I'm sure.
When challenged to nominate examples in history where armed citizens had successfully resisted government oppression, many obediently named the War of Independence, as if the circumstances of the 1770s could meaningfully be compared to those of the 21st century.
As you can see in comments here, My Favorite Aussie was given many, many examples of civilian gun use, like Cuba in the 1950's, Viet Nam in the 1960's/1970's, Afghanistan in the 1980's. Of course, he doesn't mention any of those. Or should I say, he doesn't allow them to be published.

He did say this, though:
No mention of the innumerable other, more recent revolutions in which success was achieved by the people despite them not being armed to the teeth with legal weapons.
Ok, the shoe is on the other foot now. Please provide examples. You can do it here, I won't enable moderation or delete comments I don't agree with.
Much more serious is the drum beat that runs through virtually all the comments: they are Americans, they are way superior to other people, they don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks about anything and they’ll do whatever they fucking well want because they’re the men.
(emphasis original)

Well, yes. We don't give a shit what you think of us, because this process hasn't been completed over here, as it obviously has been on you. You get beat up at school a lot?

As for superiority, I don't think of Americans as superior, just unique. We'd rather face our problems and handle them ourselves. We also will do "whatever [we] fucking well want" because we can. We live in a free country, and yes, we are proud.

So go ahead and take your empty "victory" and enjoy it. You've taught us all a lesson.

Crocodile Dundee you ain't.


Anonymous said...

I engaged the guy because I thought he was capable of understanding. I was incorrect.

Rustmeister said...

As were we all.

Texas gun nut said...

He insinuates that we are the ones with the superior attitude, yet he is the one who wrote the article slamming us for not being like them.
Makes sense.
Aussies are, after all, ex-British convicts.

Ken_L said...

You're a scream dude, honestly. You write a post tagged 'anti-gun morons, idiots' and then you blub to your buddies that I made an ad hominem argument by writing that a commenter I didn't know 'might be a drug dealer or something, who knows?'

And no I didn't get beaten up at school a lot. In fact in my long life I've never been beaten up at all or even felt in danger of it. Australians are civilised people who rarely get into violent confrontations. And no it's not because we rely on the government to keep order. Apart from highway patrol it's rare to see a copper on the streets in normal day-to-day living.

But go ahead and elect McCain for president, the guy who wets his bed every night for fear that a crazy old Arab in Pakistan is gonna come and get him one day.

The truly hilarious thing about all your buddies' screeching is that I never said anywhere that guns should be banned, or criticised American gun laws. They are so paranoid they spent a few days yapping about a straw man. For all I care y'all can blow each other away until nobody's left - actually that might be quite a good outcome.

My post was about the mentality of gun nuts. I thank you and your buds for providing so many excellent examples to support my observations.