Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun With Comments

Everyone's been talking about this story by Ed Henry over at CNN.

I'm not gonna talk about the story, I'm just gonna comment on the commenters. Before I start, let me say I'm only doing a sampling, as there's more stupid-per-inch in that comment section than a Helmke post on HuffPo.

Daniel -

This just goes to show how incredibly dumb some Texans can be. Most people would step to their door and demand the stranger leave.
Really? I'm glad you told us that. I guess there'll be no more home invasions now - just demand they leave!

Cat -
Wow! Talk about taking America's image in the world down a notch! While people should be able to defend their life and property there is nothing about a man stopping in front of your house while talking on a cell phone that is threatening. Texas really needs to reexamine its laws because even though she didn't use her gun, she threatened the man's life for literally no reason at all. I can think of all kinds of benevolent reasons to approach someone's house. Someone could be selling girl scout cookies, circulating a political petition, a new neighbor stopping by to introduce themself, etc. Bringing a gun out without a threat invites tragedy. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Well, Cat, you're a real glass-half-full kinda gal, aren't you? What's absolutely ridiculous is your rose-colored glasses view of the world. You have no idea as to the intent of a stranger at your door. None whatsoever.

nick -
another argument for stricter gun control laws. Its insane that someone would feel the need to use a gun for something that would have easily been solved by putting up a fence.
No words. I have no words for that one.

PD from CA -
How… uh… charming. So much for baking cookies… packing pistols is the trend for today's well-armed grandmas. What an ugly country we've become.
There's a lot of "blame America" going on in comments, as PD shows us. See, in PD's world, the elderly are immune from violence. All they do is bake cookies.

KO from Utah -
What if it was just a bunch of kids running through her property. That happens everyday in all the civilized parts of the country. Would that crazy old woman pull a gun on them?
Probably not, as the kids would be known to the lady, unlike a full-grown man. From Denmark.

HomoSapien -
Moral of the story?? This is exactly why Americans are seen as violent by the rest of the world. In the rest of the world, it IS OK for a person to inadvertently walk on to someone's property. Such incidents end with a "sorry" and possibly a handshake.
Or, a home invasion.

Truth -
To all the xenophobes and right wing media-haters who have posted here: first, she did not know he was a 'foriegner'; second she did not know he was with the media. He could have been anyone from anywhere - to the gun-totting nitwit, it did not matter.
Exactly. She didn't know who it was. That's why she had a gun.

Thanks for baldilocks for pointing out that comments were so much fun.

Finally, here's Dave -
This is news why?
What he said.

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baldilocks said...

You're welcome!

Let's see who they call the next time there's a mass casualty incident or a genocide/ethnic cleansing somewhere.