Monday, February 25, 2008

Tragedy in England

World War II machine gun handed into amnesty cops

A SEMI-automatic M14 machine pistol was among the guns handed into police stations in an 'amnesty' to get firearms off the streets of East London.

The Second World War weapon was one of 19 decommissioned or replica guns handed into police stations across Tower Hamlets during the month-long amnesty by The Met Police
What gets me is that weapon had been "decomissioned", which I take to mean inoperable. What a waste.

Other dangerous items turned in:

replica pump-action shotgun which fires BB pellets, a starting pistol and realistic-looking imitations.
Now for the big news:
There was no evidence any of the guns had been used in crime, police admitted.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Ok, I do:
The 2006 Violent Crime Reduction Act makes it an offence to manufacture, import or sell realistic imitation guns except in limited circumstances. Being found with a replica in public can lead to 12 months' prison.
Pass the hanky, I'm getting a little verklempt over here.

Yes, this is what the Democrats want for us.

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