Friday, February 6, 2009

Reasoned Discourse = Comments Deleted

Another Update: Joe Huffman has engaged the blogger in question and got a response:

Reply: This is my personal opinion. I could get very technically legal. I felt it would be much easier to understand, particularly where it was right and the interpretation given by your friends was totally out there.

That king of question is interesting. I can quote statistics, but as far as i am concerned, this disscussion [sic] is over and has been for about 10 days.

I was going to [sic] the word "king", as it's most likely supposed to be "kind", but upon further reflection, Just One Question is the king, so to speak. It's funny that the only one to supply a satisfactory answer was someone on his own blog.


Update: This is too good not to share. From comments:

RuffRidr said...

I've found that Catherine also likes putting all of her posts up on Digg. I have taken to commenting on her posts there instead of her actual blog, since she is unable to moderate the posts on Digg. She made herself to look like quite the ass last time.

Good deal, I'll remember that for this and future gun banners.


Remember this post? It was highlighting some good commenting to an anti-gun post here.

Guess what? That comment is gone (bleeding demised).

I wouldn't have even gone back and looked at that post if it weren't for the fact she deleted my comment to this post:

Gun-Loving, NRA-Loving Conservative Right Wingnuts

In this post, she trots out the usual language of prejudice, calls me a propagandist, then proceeds to quote chapter and verse from the Brady Bunch.

She called me [gasp] an NRA shill.

She said the following:

Now they want you to believe that they need to cling to high powered
military-style rifles so that they can protect this country from an evil
government that they may need to overthrow?

Bellevue anyone?

She also said:
I really don’t see why, for example, any citizen needs an AK-47. Whether a gun is automatic or semi-automatic, certain guns can do tremendous damage and they are intended to do that.

I left a comment there, taking her to task for these and other erroneous statements. I checked back today to see if she had responded to anything I had said. I was really interested in seeing what she had to say about my statements on civil rights and bigoted language in relation to gun rights. She is a lawyer, after all, with over a quarter century of education at some very good schools, according to her.

Education, indoctrination, all the same these days.

At any rate, I was fairly proud of that comment, as it was not in any way harassing or malicious in nature.

My comment is gone. Poof! Down the memory hole.

I could understand it if my comment were insulting or hateful. It could have been, as I usually respond with the same tone as the poster, but it wasn't. It was a simple refutation of her post, nothing more.

Then again, some people seem to think any disagreement backed by facts is insulting, I guess. Or, maybe she lacks the courage of her convictions. I don't know. I just know my comments are gone, as are many others on those posts.

Dang, it was one of my better ones, too.



Anonymous said...

Rust, I've found that it's a good thing to simply copy your comments and paste them into a blog post, linking to the original, just in case.

Reasoned Discourse™ is their stock in trade (along side of ignorance). The Internet doesn't shield them from it if you post it on your page!

Anonymous said...

I've found that Catherine also likes putting all of her posts up on Digg. I have taken to commenting on her posts there instead of her actual blog, since she is unable to moderate the posts on Digg. She made herself to look like quite the ass last time.

Anonymous said...

I'm working on her too.

Rustmeister said...

I see she's shut down comments again. =)

Mike W. said...

Awww, looks like you hurt her widdle feeling Rusty......

Intellectual midgets these folks are. It's predictably boring almost. You know what they'll say and the progression of their actions before they even do it.

Of course they'll occasionally say something so incredibly moronic or bigoted that you can't help but be surprised.

Thirdpower said...

Well, I would thank her for linking to me but I haven't noticed any hits from it.

She thinks that the "NRA is getting its but kicked in courts"? Obviously she hasn't been paying attention for the last decade or so. Or even the last few months.

Delusional is too kind.

Rustmeister said...

Yeah, getting a gun ban overturned in San Fransisco is like getting the Bible taken out of the Vatican. =)

Mike W. said...

She was even stupid enough to claim that the NRA has been getting it's butt kicked in court, ignoring all evidence to the contrary.

What about Parker, Heller, or the recent San Fransisco case?

Like I said before, she's delusional and I truly feel sorry for her.

Thirdpower said...

Ms. Lawyer Lady needs to learn how to spell if she's going to make fun of us.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was nice enough to leave a comment on another one of her posts, pointing out that she really should follow through on her noble endeavour to cut down on the confrontation, harassment, and ridicule of some webloggers... like herself, for example.

Doubt it will be up long, but I went ahead and "backed it up" on my weblog :).

Mike W. said...

ha, I threw up a few comments on her blog, including one or 2 that had nothing whatsoever to do with NRA/guns.

They are all gone.

Anonymous said...

She has implemented mandatory registration (with WordPress, but still registration) and automatic moderation (my one experimental post - a repost of what was I put up and she deleted - has gone into that moderation queue and not emerged).

Reasoned Discourse, at its finest.

Rustmeister said...

I'm surprised ... OK, not really.

Anonymous said...

Google cache?

screenshot or save page as archive makes for a handy record.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. A "lawyer" that cannot read the english language, and use all the available sources that HAVE NO AGENDA about the subject at hand. IE: not the brady campaign or the NRA. Catherine, since I'm not even going to attempt to post on your blog, as apparently opposite viewpoints are not going to show up there at all, I hope you do read this. Study some actual history, and read the federalist papers, Read the second amendment yourself, including referring to an appropriate dictionary FROM THE TIME it was written, and develop your own opinion. And Please, use your intellect not your emotion.

BTW, this is you?

How about consulting with some of the attourneys who specialize in constitutional law, as it does not seem to be a part of your particular field of expertise.


Rustmeister said...

Nice catch, Oak.

Kim du Toit said...

No fair using facts in an argument with a gun-hater...

Rustmeister said...

I know, Kim. I just can't help myself.

Besides, she said she was educated....