Monday, November 3, 2008

Titan Thoughts

Whoa. 8 - 0 the hard way.

This was the one we were supposed to lose. Not because the Packers are a better team, but because the football stars were aligned against us. To wit:

  • We were coming off a short week, having beat the Colts last Monday night.
  • The Packers were coming off a bye, meaning they had two weeks to rest up and prepare for us.
  • This game has no emotional meaning to us.
  • The Packers are trying hard to make the playoffs, and they have to win every game they can.
  • We still had a key player (KVB) hurt.
  • The Packers got key players back from, or healed up from injury.
This is about as bad as it can get for a team's chances of victory. The Packers may or may not be a better team than the Titans, but they are good enough to win against any team they play.

The Packers did everything they could. The Titans, not so much. Still, the game was always close, and in the end we came away with another "W".

The mark of a good team is managing to win in spite of poor play. The Titans did that yesterday.

I'm certain this will be a wake up call for the Titans. They go on the road next week to play Chicago, another team that can win at any time. Some folks seem to think our chances are better with Rex Grossman in as the Bears QB, but remember, he has a Jekyll/Hyde performance potential. The Bears fate rides on which one shows up next week.

Here's the Titans Quote of the Day:

"We don't have a Terrell Owens," he said. "We don't have a Chad Johnson. We don't have Tony Romo dating superstars. We just have a bunch of guys that play hard and work hard." - Kevin Mawae
My NFL picks will be up early this week, as there is a game this Thursday night.


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