Monday, November 3, 2008

CMP Update


NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS FOR M1903 & M1903A3 RIFLES: The M1903 and M1903A3 veterans' organization returns that we have been accumulating for the past year have been inspected and are now ready for sale. Please see for descriptions, pricing, and other details.

M1 GARAND STRIPPED BARRELED RECEIVERS. M1 Garand stripped barreled receivers now available. Please see for details (scroll to the bottom ofthe page). As other manufacturers or grades become available, they will be added to the web page.

CMP M1 GARAND SPECIAL. Last year CMP made available a run of 1,000 M1 Garands, Item number RM1SPECIAL. We have decided to produce another run of these rifles and are now taking orders. This is a M1 Garand rifle, with newly manufactured barrel, wood, and some other minor parts. All parts have been reparkerized. Price is $995. We anticipate production at the rate of 50 rifles per month, so delivery times may vary with number of orders received.Some orders may take as long as 90-120 for delivery. Credit cards will not be charged until 2-3 days before order is shipped. Please see for details.

CMP STORE SCHEDULE CHANGE. Beginning the week of 4 January, 2009, both the CMP North and South stores will be open Wednesday through Saturday. Hours of operation each day remain the same.

CMP STORE SCHEDULES: CMP stores will be closed during Thanksgiving week(26-28 Nov) ; 19 Dec for Employee Recognition Day (Christmas Parties);Christmas week (24-26 Dec) ; and New Year week (31 Dec- 2 Jan).

M1 CARBINES - WINCHESTER. The Winchester M1 carbines are almost ready for release. We will begin accepting orders sometime in November. Additional details will be posted to as they become available over the next 2-3 weeks.

M1 GARAND HRA SPECIAL. Over the past few years we have accumulated approximately 200 HRA M1 Garands that were in excellent condition and 100% correct, but lacked wood. Since we have no hope of ever receiving this many correct or collector grade stocks and handguards, we have decided to install the newly manufactured CMP walnut stock sets and sell this batch under a unique item number. Item number is RM1HRASSP. Price is $750 each, plus$22.95 S&H. Please see for details.

AMMUNITION - ODD LOTS. CMP has acquired a few small lots of .223 and .308 ammunition, and will be listing these lots on our Estore over the next few weeks. These items will not be listed on the CMP ammo web pages - only on the Estore ( . The first item to be listed is Item # 4C223H75. Hornady .223 Rem. 75 gr. BTHP Match. 250 pack. $150 per case per $8.95 S&H per case. Only 94 cases available.First come - first served.

CAMP PERRY CMP COMPETITION CENTER OPEN HOUSE. The Ohio National Guard and CMP staff will host an Open House at the CMP Marksmanship Center at Camp Perry on Saturday, November 15 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please visit Camp Perry and enjoy the new facility! Bring your whole family so that all can learn more about CMP shooting sports programs that take place at Camp Perry.There will be an air rifle "turkey shoot" center shot contest on the facility's 10-meter electronic targets; instructors will be available to assist anyone who is new to shooting. Shooters with the 15 best center shots will each win a turkey. There will be displays and information about all CMP programs, and a brief firearms safety class running continuously throughout the day. The CMP Store will be open during the hours of the open house. Free hotdogs and beverages too! Details will be posted on the CMP website soon.

Thank you for your support of the CMP.


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