Thursday, July 10, 2008


This is way too funny:

Josh Sugarman obtained his FFL about 15 years ago. Sugarman's group, the Violence Policy Center, is an anti-gun group that advocates for stricter gun regulations. Sugarman tells WTOP, he got the license as part of a research project, and despite numerous phone calls, he will not sell guns.

"The bloggers put my phone number out there, and people have been calling to ask how much I'll charge to transfer guns," Sugarman says.

Pesky bloggers!

I have to ask, though. Josh, if you got the FFL for a research project, what was it? Why did you renew your permit earlier this year? (previous info here) Project still ongoing?

I'd really like to know what that project is.

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NotClauswitz said...

It's not really a project so much as a projection...

Rustmeister said...

Ha! Yeah, I reckon you're right.

Stan said...

It's funny how the ATF hasn't revoked his FFL since he hasn't made any sales. Research project aside if he can have an FFL and renew it why can't I have an FFL just to have guns shipped to my house?

Rustmeister said...

Kinda makes you wonder which side the ATF is on, don't it?