Monday, June 16, 2008

Cops, or Home Invaders?

I found this over at Too Lazy to Fail

The woman was upstairs while a group of men was crashing through a window, screaming that they were the FBI and demanding occupants tell them where to find the money.

It's getting harder and harder to know who to shoot these days. The thing is, those people may or may not have had a reason to believe the FBI was breaking in to their house in the wee hours of the morning.

I, not having a reason to believe such a thing, would have had to fire on the intruders. It would be my luck that it would have been the FBI, at the wrong house, and, well, you know what happens from there....

I admit, I didn't catch this one, even though it happened in my own back yard.

It happens so often these days I pretty much ignore the news. Unless they manage to get the facts in a sound bite, it's just another murder/home invasion/carjacking in Memphis.


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Bonnie said...

You know, the writing style of the Commie Appeal really bothers me. A lot.