Monday, November 30, 2009

Titan Thoughts

It's too bad TN isn't more popular with the networks, because this game, one of the most exciting played this year, was missed by most of the nation. They got to watch a snoozer instead. Well, the Vikings demolished the Bears, so I guess Vikings fans weren't snoozing.

For those not in the know, the Titans beat the Arizona Cardinals yesterday. Beat them with a 99 yard drive in the closing minutes of the game. Scored with time running out. It was a pass, from Vince Young to (the best receiver the Titans ever drafted) Kenny Britt.

Amazing game. The comparisons to the 2006 Rose Bowl are unavoidable.

Now, some thoughts:

- Vince Young looked and acted like the consummate professional today.

- I bet Matt Leinart hates him with a passion.

- Too bad LenDale White wasn't active for the game, he would have played on the winning team this time around.

- Our Special Teams play was horrific. We started drives from inside the 20 six times - three of those from the 5 yard line or less.

- There's another feather in VY's cap. He scored on two of those, and moved the ball 74 yards the other time.

- Chris Johnson is amazing. He has three touchdown runs of 85 yards or more this year (one yesterday). No other back has done that in their entire career. Ever.

- He's also already broken records set by Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Ricky Williams.

- He's also tied Jim Brown for touchdown runs of 50 yards or more in a season. I'd bet he breaks that one. Any takers?

- He's also tied Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson with six games in a row over 125 yards rushing. Another one to fall by the wayside next week?

The Tennessee Titans - the most exciting team you're not seeing in Memphis, at least when CBS broadcasts the games. Thanks, FOX, for understanding we in Memphis like our Titans, too.

Next week, the Colts. If we win then, our dream of a Wild Card spot become much more realistic.



michael gilchrist said...

Vince Young has had a complete 180 since his breakdown last season with the Titans. They have won 5 straight games and hopefully can take down the Colts on Sunday.

Brandon said...

I sent an email to WREG after the second game we didn't get to see, and I got a reply back from the president and general manager that said they will request the Titans games from CBS from now on, due to viewer comments. So, hopefully, no more missed games!

Rustmeister said...

If they don't show the game this Sunday, it's time for tar, feathers, some assembly required.

rakeback said...

Chris Johnson is on pace to join the elite group of running backs with 2,000 yards in a season. I think he has to be in the discussion for best running back in the game with Adrian Peterson.