Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quote of the Day

From MadRocketScientist:

Which brings us to the GOP, which got spanked, HARD! And that is a good thing. The current crop of the GOP spent way too much time pandering to the hard right (gay marriage) while spending for the hard left (pork projects) and all the while they were busy robbing the treasury for themselves and their friends. The current GOP has the vision of a 6 year old, not able to see past the end of their nose or the bottom of their wallets


Like I said here:

The Republican Party started its’ decline when Newt Gingrich and co. took the “Reagan Republican” tag and removed all the “government is the problem” elements, leaving them wrapped in a flag, holding a Bible, thinking that was enough to get them elected.

It was, for a while.

Now is a great time for the Republicans to "get back to their roots". Lots of folks have lots of suggestions, but really, all they need to do is get back to the small government, fiscally responsible party they were in the '80's. They can still have the flag and the Bible, but only if they promise not to fund it with my tax money.