Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Titan Thoughts

So, last night we had the high-flying aerial attack of the Tennessee Titans going up against the running attack of the Indy Colts.

Oh, wait, that's backwards. But that's what happened.

That's what always happens when the Titans and Colts play. Throw out records, stats (and especially predictions) and get ready for anything. You see, the Titans - Colts game is important. I'm talking Cowboys - Redskins important. These are the only two teams to ever claim the AFC South championship since it was created. These games almost always have playoff implications, even this early in the season.

So, last night, we had one of the best rushing teams in the NFL (Titans) going up against one of the worst rushing offenses and defenses in the NFL (Colts). So what happened? We couldn't run. They had Chris Johnson's number for most of the game.

On the other side of the ball, the Colts were running against us. We have one of the best D lines in football, and they were gashing us. It looked bad at first, with the Colts up 14 - 6, but then our QB started throwing the ball with success and the momentum shifted.

By the fourth quarter it was 14 - 31. We did it in atypical fashion, with passing and outstanding play from our defensive secondary. Our running backs were held in check, and we didn't sack Peyton a single time (dammit), but we won.

Now, I understand if this record (7 wins 0 losses) belonged to the Colts or Patriots, the talking sportsheads would be pondering a "perfect season". Not so much with the Titans.

Could we go undefeated? Sure. Barring injury to key players, there's no reason we shouldn't. But I doubt we will.

As a matter of fact, next weeks game is prime time for an upset. Here we are, off an emotional win, a short week to prepare, and an opponent - while good - we should easily handle. This has trap game written all over it.

You won't see me put the Titans as losers in my predictions later this week, though. Them's my boys.


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Anonymous said...

Although I'm originally from Indiana and am a die-hard Colts fan, I wish your Titans well.

I really think Jeff Fisher is a class act. I respect him as a head coach almost as much as I respect Tony Dungy.

But I don't think the Titans are all that. Their schedule has really played into that 7-0 record and the Colts are a shadow of their former greatness.

I was actually surprised that the Colts did as well as they did against the Titans. They were coached well...especially defensively...and played to their strengths.

They just don't have it together this year. The offense is out of sync and not playing as a team. Key injuries aren't helping anything, but I think a lot of it has to do with Payton not practicing at all during the off season. With the offense not performing, it's hard for the defense to keep up the intensity level...which is vital when you're running the smallest, fastest defense in the league.

They'll be back, but so far this year beating the Colts has not been a huge accomplishment.

It was a pretty good game though. Made all the pregame prognosticators look silly. As John Madden likes to say: "That's why they play the games, folks."