Friday, October 17, 2008

I Thought Churches Weren't Supposed to Tell People How to Vote

Major Update: I've changed the link to the IRS form. The new one specifically addresses Tax Exempt organizations. Thanks again to Thirdpower and IllinoisCarry.

And, I have my first troll. Sweeeet.

Via Thirdpower and Armed & Safe, we are directed to Snuffy Pfleger's statement on gun rights.

That's not what I want to point you to, though. I want you to see this:

These are the candidates of the National Rifle Association that you should not vote for in the coming election.

ISRA - PVF, (The Illinois State Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, a PAC affiliated with ISRA) released this list of candidates who support firearms ownership. If you want to keep guns off our streets don't vote for them!

Download the full size PDF flier HERE

I disabled the PDF link, screw 'em.

Back to the original question, can a church do that? Doesn't it put their tax exempt status in jeopardy?

Update: Thirdpower sent me a link to a form you can fill out to inform the IRS about this.



Anonymous said...

Well yes, a Church could lose its tax-exempt status by making political statements. But at what point does a Church (or any entity, for that matter) have to choose to take that risk in order to stand by moral principle? The founders risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to bring this country out of the British fold. Perhaps it's time for all of us to take a risk and stand alongside these Churches that are speaking out against Obama.

Anonymous said...

Sending jack-booted thugs after someone because you disapprove of their political speech is exactly what Obama and his repugnant cronies do. You should be ashamed.

Haji said...

The IRS are not JBT's. If what they're doing is in violation of their tax exempt status, then they'll have to deal with being in a taxable status. You should be ashamed of posting that as "anonymous".

Rustmeister said...

LOL, yeah, that's me, sending my minion(s) to harass an innocent priest.

The difference is, Barack The Secret Lives of Bees Obama's supporters go after people exercising their right to free speech, while I'm calling attention to a church using it's tax exempt status to push a political, anti-gun message. That's against the law.

In the interest of full disclosure, I've been Catholic all my life.

Rustmeister said...

Oh, and congrats, you're my first troll.