Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Carblogging

Let me share with you why I do this.

My dad was a "car guy". He bought, sold, and traded cars all the time. He wasn't mechanically inclined, but he could do body work like nobody's business. He once took a beat up old '62 MGA and a few cans of spray paint and turned it into a classic. He once tried to build a car from scratch, using only the frame and running gear from - ah, hell I don't remember what from. No telling, with him.

Future carblogging will involve some of his "creations". In the meantime, meaning when I get around to finding and scanning pictures, I'm going to stick with the cars of yesteryear. American cars. Later I'll might get into others, but someone has those covered already .

This Friday is devoted to the Studebaker, a car from the early days. One of the founding fathers, if you will.

Some interesting facts:

- Like most early carmakers, Studebaker built wagons before the invention of the automobile.

- The first Studebaker car was built in 1902. It ran on electricity.

Here's the eye candy:

1916 Studebaker Speedster

A 1930's era Phaeton

1953 Commander

The Studebaker Hawk (yeah, yeah!).

One of Dad's favorites, the Avanti. This is a '63.

While you might think the Avanti is an odd bird, it developed quite the following. People liked this car so much it continued to be made after Studebaker was long gone. It's still being produced today. Go below the fold, and you will see.

The Avanti as it appears today.

I think I just added another car to my lottery list.

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